Greetings in the name of our Lord!

What a blessing it is to be able to work every day in the Kingdom!

It was on February 1, 2008, that J.C. left us for that eternal world. I admit that there is a sense of loneliness, and of the need to rely on his strength and singular focus, but there is also the continual consciousness of his presence in my life because everything I do every day is built on the foundation of the work we did together for 52 years. I am so very thankful that God still has use for me, and that the work initiated and built through J.C.’s vision and efforts has continued without interruption.

Foreign Work

The Wayne BarriersJerry and Paula Bates, and Louis and Bonnie Rushmore work with the men overseas in the radio/TV and literature programs, as well as in Bible training schools and church development. The partnership among American supporters, our brethren in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, the Philippines, and other countries, and the American members of the “World Evangelism” team is an on-going force for good. Though I have  been able to return to that part of the world only once since J.C.’s death, our co-workers make two or three trips each year to coordinate those efforts and to participate in seminars. The overall scope of the work is growing.

The Voice of Truth International

Byron Nichols has served as the Editor of The Voice of Truth International since J.C.’s death, with Jerry Bates and Louis Rushmore as Associate Editors. All of these issues of the magazine are on our website and can be viewed and used freely. The format used for the magazine lends itself well to publication in church bulletins, which we encourage.  Currently, we print 40,000 copies of each issue here in the States, of which many are sent to other countries, free of charge. In addition, about 22,000 copies are printed in India and Nepal, in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, English, and Paite for distribution in those areas.  More recently, we have printed two issues in English in Nigeria as a trial run for local distribution in that country.

Global Harvest

We had done one issue of the mission magazine, Global Harvest, before J.C.’s recurrence of cancer. Since his death, Volumes 2-10 have been printed. Wayne Barrier is the new Editor. Because of time and money restraints, we currently print only two issues a year.  However, because of many good but unexpected opportunities that have surfaced (I do the layout work, and there are just so many hours in the day!) and because of a shortage of funds, in 2014 we have printed only the one (Winter) edition.  The Lord’s church needs to know more of what is being done around the world, and this is the purpose of publishing Global Harvest.  We pray that more can be done in the future.

“Into God’s World”

Our important new project is the development of graded classroom materials, written by Christians for use in Bible classes in the church, both here in the States and in churches overseas. To learn more about the entirety of the project, go to “Into God’s World”.

We have been searching for the man (more than one will be needed for the huge project) we call “Gideon” to provide leadership in pulling the work together and presenting it to churches throughout the brotherhood.  Experience with writing, digital publishing, and with many of the tools available in today’s cutting-edge technology will be invaluable in much of the development.

As the materials are being developed, it will be necessary for others to provide leadership in organizing the various part of the work: the editing, the visuals, contact with printers, etc.  This is a huge undertaking and the talents of many will be needed.

We have also been looking for Gideon’s “300″ – volunteers who see the great necessity for better equipping the church for its work in this world. Experienced teachers, writers, artists, graphics designers, editors, and proofreaders are needed to do this great work. For too long, the church as a whole has depended on materials written by denominational people for interdenominational use, and these have been used to teach our own children. Because of the lack of definitive truths, many of our younger generations do not know the distinctiveness of the Lord’s church, or the specifics of the Gospel, or other biblical truths that are vital for our Christian walk. It will be our goal to fill that void with the best of materials, developed by passionate Christians who want to make a difference in this world. If you are one of these soldiers of the cross, contact us and let us know what you want to do to help.

We are glad to announce that two quarters of the materials are now available for Beta testing during the fall quarter of classes.  “Evangelizing our Friends” (Student book) is designed for 12th grade (high school combined classes) and “The Kingdom and Its Enemies” (Teacher’s manual, Student book, memory work cards, and activity/take home sheet) can be used for 5th grade or a combination of 5-6-7th grades.  These materials will be supplied free of charge upon request, along with an evaluation form.

Please be praying for us.

In Him, Betty Choate